Building great websites is our science and our passion.

We Implement Your Vision

We build and host business, nonprofit, and eCommerce websites. When you choose Luminys, we roll up our sleeves, understand your brand, identify your audiences, create messaging, construct navigation, review your content, optimize for search engines, and build your site. We can help you make complex decisions, explain yourself, establish your credibility, and communicate effectively. We work with you through all aspects of the web design process and produce a website that, with a little care and maintenance, will last a long, long time.


What We Do


WordPress is a mature, widely supported, reliable, flexible, mobile-friendly, popular content management system with numerous add-ons that can accommodate your future business needs.

Theme Selection & Layout

A theme gives your website a look and feel that can be fully customized, including fonts, colors, logo, and page layout. We help you choose from over 10,000 themes based on look, flexibility, mobile support, and technical requirements.


A wireframe is used to show how pages and navigation and layout work. Elements include main menus, top level menus, home page elements, footers, and sidebars.

Image Selection

We help you choose the best photos and images for your site. We use Photoshop to create pixel-perfect banners, sliders and image headers, and we will share any templates with you upon go-live.


Plugins extend the basic functionality of WordPress. We use best-of-class plugins, including search engine optimization, web form management, caching and acceleration, that we will install and configure for your website.

Social Media

We will integrate social media support and link to your various social media accounts from pages, the footer, or the top menu.

Blog and News

We can help you decide and implement the best way to add on-going news and blogs to your site for in-bound traffic from email newsletters, social media and press releases.

Search Engine Optimization

We will help you with the writing style, description tags, page titles, and more so that search engines can see what you are all about.


If you have staff interested in maintaining your site, we will show them the ins and outs of your site to get them going.