We take the long view

About Luminys

Founded in 2002, Luminys is a digital marketing agency that provides website design & hosting, copy & communication, social media & advertising, and measurement & analytics. We serve customers across the US that range from small businesses to large aerospace, educational, and manufacturing organizations. As a company we value responsiveness, stability, openness, creativity, and smart decision-making. We are collaborative-minded and community-oriented, and we continually stay on top of new technologies and work to share our knowledge with our clients.

Interesting facts about us:

  • We thrive on creativity

  • We like hard problems

  • We still have our first customer

  • Almost half our clients are nonprofit

Our Philosophy

Each day the average American perceives 4,000 to 10,000 brand messages as they go about their daily lives. As business owners, there are are only two kinds of people: those who know you, and those who don’t. And, there are only two ways to grow revenue: to increase revenue from existing customers, and to generate new revenue from new customers. This is the underlying challenge for any organization: to create messaging and allocate resources and budget to reinforce our relationships with our existing audiences and to connect with new audiences.

We Like Hard Problems

Building websites is easy. Harder is finding the right message and look that reflects the voice of an organization and resonates with the intended audience. Harder still is to bring together a leadership team to agree on strategy, structure, look and feel. Or interfacing an eCommerce platform with an accounting system. Or generating detail exports that nonprofits can submit for public-sector reimbursement. Or creating a custom, confidential event registration system. Or an interactive searchable and sortable library of thousands of posts by a half-dozen attributes. Or defending a website against a hostile nation.

Hosting Environment & Security

We take pride in our hosting environment. Our hosting environment is composed of dedicated virtual private servers using a segmented network architecture with a two-layer firewall strategy in a PCI-DSS compliant, SSAE16 SOC-2/SOC-3 compliant data center.  Servers are hardened, monitored, and configured to check for security updates nightly. Each website is hosted on a dedicated server to ensure speed, responsiveness, security, and includes SSL (https) encryption. Each website is backed up nightly with backups stored on a 90-day rolling basis. We take responsibility for updating your website’s WordPress core, plugin, and theme technologies; creating and managing individual user accounts; and being available to answer questions as needed.

A Commitment to Community

We work with numerous small and large nonprofits, each of whom makes a direct impact on our community. Organizations like MOMS Orange County, Alzheimer’s New Jersey, Girls Inc. Orange County, Health Funders Partnership of Orange County, LGBTQ Center OC, Community Health Initiative Orange County, OneOC, Clinic in the Park, American Academy of Pediatrics Orange County, Meals on Wheels Orange County, and numerous others. We help our nonprofits with communication and branding, fundraising strategy, technology integration, and much more.

Our Capabilities

Website Design

  • WordPress

  • eCommerce & security
  • Search Engine Optimization

  • Graphics & image design
  • Copy writing & editing

Social Media

  • Setup & configuration
  • Ad management & reporting
  • Original content development
  • Follower engagement
  • Effective graphics & imagery


  • Branding & strategy
  • Budgeting
  • Campaign management

  • Landing page design

  • Analytics & reporting

Newsletter & Communication

  • List management

  • Fresh, original articles

  • Imagery & graphics

  • Effective call to actions

  • Measurement & analysis