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With all the innovations in eCommerce, it’s important to build a solution that streamlines your business and gets you out in front of customers. Luminys can help you with credit card processing, security, PCI compliance, tax calculation, shipping options, inventory management, and much more. We bring expertise in product-specific search engine optimization, social media integration, product influencer outreach, newsletter promotion, and ad-budget optimization so that your business can succeed.

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eCommerce Site Essentials

Security & PCI

Protect your business and give customers confidence to shop with you. Demonstrating security by using encryption keys and a strong gateway for executing credit card transactions let customers know your commitment to their security.

Payment Gateways

Choosing a payment processor has cost and security implications. Do you need to reduce per-transaction, monthly, or percentage costs? Should you frame in the transaction and shift PCI and financial liability to your gateway? We can help you understand and choose the right solution for your business.

Shopping Cart

Every visitor to your site makes a purchasing decision. To boost sales you need a shopping cart that seamlessly integrates with the look and feel of your site, has engaging text that connects with visitors, has a strong visual impact, and offers easy checkout.


Dynamically calculate shipping costs and other options. Fully customize your check-out process to capture your business costs, like calculating shipping based on location, weight, delivery schedule, discounts on purchase amounts, and expedite fees.

Email Configuration

Increase customer loyalty and reduce returned merchandise with good email communication. Luminys will configure and customize customer email notifications from designated addresses for initial order, payment, and shipping.

Configurable Products

Allow customers to customize a product and dynamically calculate the price. Say you have a product, and the customer needs to choose a color, or a fabric, or a hard disk size. We can create a form to calculate the price in real-time for your customer’s selections.


Put your work or product in the best light. Our product photography skills will make your product pop off the page. Studio lighting, color balance, and image retouching is key to attracting customers and driving online sales.

Search Engine Optimization

Search engine technology is continuously advancing. To be found in a crowd, Page SEO, Product SEO, and Local SEO are critical to building your business and being found online, on social media, and business directories serving mobile and online apps.

Social Media

Engage and find fans. We help you compose your online presence, promote yourself on social media and engage and respond to fans and comments, providing detailed and meaningful analytics you can use to continually optimize your budget.

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