Building great websites is our science and our passion.

Business Websites that Connect

People visiting your website decided to go there. But once on your site, the decision to engage with you goes beyond your product or service. It could be about quality, speed, reputation, precision, expertise, reliability, performance, enthusiasm, trust, values, or any number of reasons. Whatever your business, we help you create a site that will connect and communicate with that person behind that phone, tablet or computer.

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Essential Elements of Business Website Design

Customer Credibility

Make an impression. Within three seconds of visiting your website, that first-time visitor will instantly form an impression of your business. We help you create a page and content that will make the impression you want.

Clear Calls-to-Action

Different visitors want different things. We help you figure out the types of visitors coming to your site, and how best to get them to their destination.

Search Engine Optimization

Tell the world who you are. We use best-practices when it comes to SEO, including navigation, page naming, tags, images, meta-data, and social media integration.

eCommerce Integration

Where technology, revenue and business processes intersect. We help you evaluate and implement the best eCommerce solutions for your business based on your needs.

Training and Support

Keeping you and your staff up to speed. As your hosting service provider, we care that your staff understand and can manage and maintain your site effectively.

Making Updates Easy

Promotions, news, blogs, and updates. By thinking about the areas of your website that need to be kept current, we make your website scalable and easy to maintain.

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Keep Making it Awesome!

Once your site goes live, there are parts that will change, and parts that provide the foundation of your brand. Working together, we can identify the services, products, news, promotions, charitable causes, and other components that need be updated on a regular basis, making it easy to add news, videos, blogs, and promotions to keep your site up to date.

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Ready To Discuss Your Project?

Questions to ask us

Manufacturing, financial, legal, healthcare, accounting, education, nonprofit, architecture, engineering, and many more.
We maintain very secure hosting environments, and we are prepared for a disaster by maintaining daily offsite backups that we keep for 90 days. We also help our customers decide how best to implement eCommerce, form submission, and other technologies to avoid and protect against hackers.
Typically 2 to 3 months, although we’ve been able to develop websites in under three weeks. The challenges are usually related to image selection and copy.
No, we do not offshore our development.
Preparation and project management. The best ways to control cost is to have your photography, text (copy), logo, key messages, key services, and perhaps even navigation already prepared.
We should have an open discussion about your needs. When we present a proposal with a quote, we include a budget for image, plugin, and theme licensing, so when you get a price, it’s a firm price that’s all-inclusive.
We are fast, reliable, and we are always there to answer questions. In addition to hosting your website, we also take care of theme updates, plugin updates, and WordPress core updates. When these have problems, we dive in and fix them.

Questions we will ask you

What kind of organizations and people do you work with? Who do you compete with? Why do your customers choose you?
How should people perceive your brand? What instantaneous impression should people form about you? How do you want existing customers to describe you?
Any assets you already have – a logo, in-house photography or licensed imagery, a style guide – will help accelerate the project and reduce cost.
You should have several social media accounts set up for you business, including at a minimum Google+, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. We can help you if you need assistance.
Why customers choose you helps guide the look and feel of your site. Is it for speed? Reliability? Exclusivity? Expertise? There are many reasons to consider.
Tell us your schedule and key milestones, and if you share your budget with us we will stretch as far as we can to give you the most for your dollar.
Knowing your competition, and why customers might choose them over you, helps us create a website that will position you more effectively.
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