Getting Started

Once you have your username and password, you can log in to the Business File Sharing by click SYNC Login on the top menu bar of the Luminys website.

After logging in to the web interface, you will see a list of shares (shares are folders that are shared among multiple users).

Synchronizing Files on Your Device

To install the Sync application on your Windows, Mac, Android, or Apple iOS device, click the Download link in the top-right menu bar. If you are using your iPhone or iPad, you will connect directly to the iTunes store where you can download the Synced app for free; if you are on an Android device, you will connect to Google Play where you can download Synced
app for free. If you are on a Windows-based system or a Mac, you will be prompted to run the Sync installer. Once you run the Sync installer, you will be asked for your host (, your username (which will be your email address), and your password.


Browsing Files

Clicking the Files tab at the top of the screen (or clicking My Files on the left side above the logo in the black menubar) will take you to the list of shares, from which you can navigate into the file hierarchy.


Rename, Move, Delete Files and Folders

Right click a file or folder and you will have the option to rename, move or delete it.


View Shares

Clicking on the Shares button will list all shares and any shared objects you have access too.


File Report

File Report will list files and changes by share.


Activity Log

The Activity Log will list any recent activity you’ve performed on files, folders or shares.