Optimizing Your Online Presence the Right Way

A Great Website Only Gets You Halfway

You optimize your website so customers can find you, you can make a strong first impression, and you can control the conversation. Well-written content, links, and imagery tell search engines what your site is about, who you serve, and what to show potential visitors. Meta tags on each of your pages instruct social media what image and description to show when somebody references you online. Local Search Engine Optimization confirms you are a legitimate business and ensures that your data is consistent across all search engines, social media, and business directories.

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Optimizing Your Website

We make sure you have well-written, easy-to-read text with meaningful information that can be picked up by bots and search engines. We pay attention to details like image descriptions and title tags and inter-page linking. And we make your website social media friendly so when you or your visitors mention you online, the right imagery and the right text are pulled from your website. We also take the time to use structured data markup so that search engines can easily grab specific information like contacts, events, schedules and products.

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Ongoing Optimization

Search engines are forever searching for new and relevant information. The best way to maintain your website is to add new content on a regular basis and measure your site’s effectiveness with analytics. To increase traffic you need an effective digital media strategy that combines social media, social influencers, emails, and online advertising in a cost effective and measurable way.

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Local Search Engine Optimization

Through Local Search Engine Optimization, your website, your business name, your contact information and other details are entered into search engines, social media, and business directories. Local SEO is used by search engines to ensure you are a legitimate organization on the web and display your business information in search results, making it easy for customers to get your business hours, address, description, and phone number. Many location mapping and mobile applications rely on business directory databases to help users find your business. Don’t let incorrect or outdated information mislead potential customers, when they need you most.

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Why Should I Invest in Local SEO?

Improve Search Ranking

Credibility is key. Confirming your business information increases the credibility of your business, thereby improving where you rank relative to other businesses on the Internet. The more consistent and current your data is across all the sources on the internet, the credible your organization will be.

Connect with Customers

Customers don’t always visit your site to get information about you. Community engagement, advocacy, and outreach drive traffic to your website, which you can convert into volunteers, donations, and answers for clients.

Map Apps

Put your business in mobile apps. Ever wonder where the data comes from on a map? Or other applications? Adding your organization to business directories makes it available to real-time business applications.

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Local SEO takes Time, Tools & Expertise

Frequently Asked Questions

First we make sure you are current with Google My Business, then we update key social media sites, then we use tools to propagate your information to numerous other sites and business directories. Some of these online resources will update within a few days, some can take months. We use tools to monitor the status of updates?
Once you go through the process, you only need to do it again if you change key information, like your business name, phone number, address.
You will need to give us administrative or logon access to all social media accounts. Ideally, when we’re done, you will have a single logon user (e.g., social@your-company.com) that gives you total control over all your social assets so that you will always be in control of your accounts.
We may enter specific meta-tags with information for specific social media outlets on specific pages.
Cost depends on your business and how much effort we need to put in. Please contact us, we’re happy to talk to you.
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