They’re just questions, Leon. In answer to your query, they’re written down for me. It’s a test, designed to provoke an emotional response… Shall we continue?

Bladerunner, 1982

By warning visitors that your site is insecure, the designers of the Chrome and Firefox browsers have unleashed a test that has provoked an emotional response, causing alarm for customers with complex web forms and some lost revenue for eCommerce customers.

If you run an eCommerce site or a membership site that offers people the ability to log in, they may be seeing messages like this:


Is this a legitimate warning?
In WordPress the password field is encrypted before it leaves your browser, therefore any nefarious entity monitoring traffic will see see garbage.

For example, if your password is “haveaniceday”, the encrypted password will be “bfe5e7ac5b9f32f17946ac00ac6f0123”. If somebody steals the encrypted password and tries to use it, it will be re-encrypted and therefore useless.

Why are Firefox and Chrome making this an issue?
Two reasons. First, for nefarious websites this is a proper warning. Second, it raises awareness for businesses and consumers in a big way.

What about my personal privacy?
This should concern you. The FCC is rolling back privacy protections so that your ISP can monitor and sell your personal content browsing information – medical, personal interests, family, everything – to marketing and ad agencies. For websites that use SSL encryption, the content you are viewing is encrypted, so we will continue to see a trend towards encryption.

What are the advantages to having SSL encryption for my website?

  1. Visitors to your website will feel safer
  2. It’s good for search engine optimization

What does adding SSL encryption require?
First, Luminys will create a certificate request, and your domain admin will receive an email to authorize the creation of the certificate. This approval will need to occur once a year. Once we have installed the certificate, we will need to update your website’s DNS settings to point to your new dedicated IP address.

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