Keeping it Neat

Like a good clown fish tending his anemone, we work tirelessly to keep our customers websites up to date and our systems running smoothly. But as everyone knows, bad things happen in the big ocean.   continue...

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Wonderful World of Fonts

Fonts are beautiful and amazing and have the ability to communicate passion, feeling, and style. Choosing the right font families for your website is an important branding decision that impacts how visitors will respond to your content.

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Luminys Celebrates 12 Years

This week we celebrate 12 years in business. Like a single malt, it's worth a little reflection. Join us for a quick walk down memory lane of the major events from 2002 through 2014.

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OneOC Website Development Series

Take control and kick your website up a notch by attending this three-part series to learn techniques and best practices for keeping your website up to date and maximizing your impact.

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