Three years ago we made the biggest decision in the history of Luminys. With the participation of our shareholders and partners and customers, we chose to shift our focus from software development to customer care. This was huge: we shut down roughly 10 years of software development, terminated contracts, negotiated new contracts, and week after week migrated customer after customer. It was grueling and complex, but we were 100% successful with zero downtime. Our customers gave us their complete confidence, and I am respectful, humble, and grateful for that.

Last year, with the migration complete, we could finally focus on our business. We soon faced another choice: would we become a full-service PR/graphics/web design firm, or would we partner? Rather than try to be all things to all people, I chose to focus on our core strengths: implementation and project management. Today we partner and collaborate with numerous people and companies, and I truly enjoy their talent and expertise.

Looking Forward: Customers, Community, and Education

Our company is built on stable technologies and long term customer relationships. Building on this, I see three pillars: customers, community, and education.


You are our top priority. From keeping your website safe and up-to-date to assisting with operations, client growth, vendor negotiations, we’re there to support you.


We believe in sharing our expertise. We have been helping nonprofits since 2002, and through organizations like SCORE/SBA we help contribute to a strong business economy by offering free seminars on technology and web design.


Continuous learning is part of our DNA; sharing that knowledge is core to who we are.  We keep you informed of technology advancements and best practices, and contribute to your organizational effectiveness.